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Language Training Courses

Our aim is to provide professional language training courses tailored to your needs which give you the necessary tools to be able to communicate in an effective way in the workplace and within your private sphere.  Courses can be provided in-house for individuals or groups providing you plenty of practice in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.  


We offer courses on English language communication skills for pilots and air traffic controllers, covering all the skills and objectives needed to conform to the Language Proficiency Requirements and to achieve the mandatory ICAO Level 4.

Our Business English modules focus on improving skills in business writing as well as verbal skills enabling professionals to communicate more effectively in the workplace.

We offer professional language training in Legal English skills, particularly aimed for solicitors, legal and compliance staff who, in an ever-increasing global economy, require knowledge and practical skills to operate successfully at an international level.


If you, as an individual or organisation are faced with new challenges and are willing to grow, you may follow a coaching pathway to enable you to take better and smarter actions in order to turn the business around and implement a plan of action to get you back on your true individual pathway.

Why Choose us?

We've been providing Quality Teaching for over a decade


We aim at delivering Tailor Made Lessons to suit our clients' aim


We provide Customer-Centred Services to each of our clients

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Our Courses

We offer tailor-made lessons to suit your needs in General English as well as Business, Aviation and Legal English.

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Don't hesitate and send us an email for any query you may have.

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